Good afternoon motherfuckers!!! My name in Jay but you motherfuckers call me Contra Versyi..yes Bitch two words..anyway I’ll be coming here, talking about Shit I hate, Shit I like Shit and Shit I see. Anyways let me open with this whole plane vanishing and shit. That sound like some James Bond slash ghost Shit. When these mofuckas gonna come to terms and say Shit we have no fucking idea. Shit I told motherfuckers it’s fucking aliens or some Shit. I was thinking maybe they has just started the flight and some Russian mofuckas took over or some Shit. Don’t start tripping calling me a racist and Shit. I hate motherfuckers no matter who they pray too, what they lick or what color they are, but generally in movies and Shit it’s generally either Russians or bald black people fucking Shit up. But by now I doubt that. It probably was taken to a cave or some Shit, whatever on it they need taken, and the plane hidden. In like 10 years those missing motherfuckers will show up in some kinda Nazi camp. That is just MY opinion. Don’t like it? Fuck you and your momma. Well that’s all for now kiddies. Tune in next time!!

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Well...honestly I like boobs, Batman, Spider-Man, and big screen televisions. This is where I just voice my opinion on Shit. Shit like current events, games, movies, comics..and maybe other Shit too..enjoy your stay!!!

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  1. I loved that you’re being true to you! Gotta slow it down and clean up the grammatical errors but I’m always gonna be a goosenips fan !

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