Sneaker heads

Hey motherfuckers it’s ya man Contra-Verysi coming at you motherfuckers with a rant. I honestly think people who are sneaker heads are fucking stupid. Like not just stupid, like super mega stupid. Yes motherfuckers if you are one of those mouth breathers that wait in line for sneakers, fuck you!! This is NUTS!! I mean how can you honestly think your a thug or whatever waiting 9 hours for shoes made by children dying of malnutrition. Funny shit, you do this for shoes that are older than you. Your just fucking stupid if you do this. Honestly. I mean I wait for shit like tvs and shit but shoes?? Really nigga!!! Then the part that kills me, y’all idioits SELL them. Stupid motherfuckers!!

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Well...honestly I like boobs, Batman, Spider-Man, and big screen televisions. This is where I just voice my opinion on Shit. Shit like current events, games, movies, comics..and maybe other Shit too..enjoy your stay!!!

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