Relationships these days

Haha I just logged in my Facebook and had to laugh. You bitches make me laugh so fucking hard. I won’t name drop but I shit you bitches are funny. I see that you motherfuckers have relationships as a pastime. Dating someone isn’t like trying on shoes man. I have DEADASS saw a friend of mine go from in a relationship to single..and it’s not even fucking lunchtime yet. Here’s the other funny part. The fact that y’all fall in love so fast is just pathetic. I’ve seen terminally ill kids live longer than people’s entire relationships.

That’s because nobody wants to get to know anybody no more. It’s just hey you got a pussy I got a dick, let me cum in you. There ya go. That’s the reason why there is so many single mothers and so many kids outta wedlock. Stupid motherfuckers SLOW DOWN. Love isn’t a fucking race. Don’t worry about what other people say or how other relationships happened. Let things FUCKING FLOW. Why is that so hard?? Why must people have six relationships in a week?? Think you popular?? Honestly men and women alike that do this make me laugh cause your so pathetic lol. Think about it…

shits a lot better than worse

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