Hood mindset

Ahhh shit, I been waiting a while for this shit right here my nigga. HOOD NIGGAS!!! The Bane of African-American advancement. What do I mean?? Glad you asked and fuck you if you DIDN’T damnit!! Well this is a general classification so I’m not saying everyone does this, just a disclaimer for you pussies. Now why o why do motherfuckers have nice clothes and jewelry..and your fridge empty. Don’t you stupid bitches understand you can’t eat shit like that?? This is why black people will always be second class citizens. If you stupid motherfuckers don’t stop this shit..nothing will get better. I don’t understand how you stupid motherfuckers can call yourself balling yet you living off your girlfriend. I will never understand it. Then there is my favorite part, you niggas that wear outfits that cost like a thousand dallors easy, yet your house looks like hell and there is a ring around your toilet. Get it together motherfuckers.

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Well...honestly I like boobs, Batman, Spider-Man, and big screen televisions. This is where I just voice my opinion on Shit. Shit like current events, games, movies, comics..and maybe other Shit too..enjoy your stay!!!

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