Holy SHIT MAN..I thought we was supposed to be tough, be why is it cool for a man to dress more feminine than his shorty?? I done seen motherfuckers wearing leggings, tight jeans and shirts with a million colors. Holy FUCK this is the gayest shit


   EVER!!! It seems to me, the more of a BITCH you look like, the more popular u are. This is why I want to jump off this fucking planet. Since when did suits and ties go out? Why do motherfuckers that dress like a blind clowns!!! I can’t with y’all motherfuckers. Yes I know what your thinking. I’m broke and I’m a hater whatever. No this is beyond my current economic situation. This is how motherfuckers wear dresses and tight skinny jeans and wanna act tough. Look I’ve never been afraid of a man in tights with uggz on and a shirt with a million colors. I mean do y’all Niggas look at yourselves!! I can’t with fashion. Shit I’ll stick to my timbos and champ hoodies and shit. Cause if to be cool I have to wear my sister’s clothes…I’m Good!!!

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