Well it’s me again with another motherfucking rant. This time it’s about piercings. I don’t understand them. It’s crazy how you stupid motherfuckers mutilate yourselves with this shit. I mean I would NEVER EVER hire a motherfucker with a fucking hole in their face and neither would ANY COMPANY!! That shit is not cute. Bitches with piercings in their face?? Bitch there is a HOLE in your face. A Hole!!! That doesn’t bother you?


Then there’s this gauge thing. God DAMN that looks ass stupid. It Looks like your ears are melting. In case u don’t know, a gauge is like a small plate or some shit skaters and faggot ass hipsters put in their earlobe to stretch their ear. Why is this cool?? Why is stretching your ear like that cool? You stupid cocksuckers know that your ear is now permanently disfigured right?


Stupid motherfuckers. So you stupid bitches just think I’m hating or whatever your fucking wrong. You won’t be 21 forever motherfuckers GROW UP!!! You really think anyplace other than McDonald’s or some bullshit security job want motherfuckers with droopy ears or holes in thier cheeks?? Think it over!! I’m out..

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One thought on “Piercings

  1. It’s so funny because gauges deteriorate the ear and it starts to smell really bad. Kudos to those who do it but….couldn’t be me.

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