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Lately I’ve seen a lot of light skin and dark skin jokes. Look ALL OF YOU ARE Niggas. It doesn’t fucking MATTER!!! I mean REALLY REEEAALLLLYYY!!! You think ANY OTHER RACE DOES THIS!!?? You think this Shit is fucking funny!! It’s funny your racist against your OWN KIND!! I MEAN REALLY!!! do you fucks have ANY IDEA how far this set us back?? MLK would be ashamed..he died for All black people! But because you new Niggas think because your granny was raped by a slave master and your light..your the shit. Shut ALL THE WAY THE FUCK UP Bitch. No other race does this. Asians, Japanese, Hispanic all love EVERYONE from their race..only us ignorant black people hate eachother cause of our complexion. I wonder how hard white people are laughing at us?? It’s not like we give a Fuck. We too but separating ourselves based on complexion. Willie Lynch would be proud of you niggas..

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