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So the interwebs is all crazy about this MiMi shit. Okay let me get my 9/11 on and diffuse this shit. Fuck that broke jackass. No it wasn’t a accident, yes she DOES know about it. This lazy broke DUMBASS just needs attention. And in Hollywood what’s the best way?? A fucking scandal. Please stop feeding into this shit and making fucking ass retards famous. I know it was a stunt. Yo I been trying since I was fucking 16 to record me fucking my Ex. So yea that motherfucker knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Honestly you couldn’t do ANYTHING POSITIVE MOTHERFUCKER!!? You had to suck dick for exposure…REALLY?? Now because I’m not a brain dead fuck, I don’t watch love and hip hop so her background is a bit foggy to me. I only say that because I KNOW what her fans are saying right now. Ahh your a hater and don’t even know her. I know that, motherfucker..DO YOU FUCKING KNOW HER!!!!?? To be one hundred percent positive..I had NO IDEA WHO SHE WAS..still don’t..well MiMi..if that’s even your fucking name. I know who you are, BUT was selling your soul worth it?? Think about it

shits a lot better than worse

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