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Ight well I know I been gone for a while but I’m back. Today I had to drop something real quick to get y’all mofuckas mind working. Lately I’ve noticed that it’s cool for men to dress like women. What ALL THE FUCKS IN THE WORLD!!!! What the super fuck are meggins?? Well I’ll tell you, they are male versions of leggings. Why the fuck would a man want to wear these?? I don’t know if it’s the fact that dressing like a princess is the thing that’s currently trending these days but if you ask me..the whole fucking world has gone fucking crazy. I mean I’m all for fashion because fashion is a risk I know this, I like Prince and shit but this whole fashion trend is fucking gay. I have NOTHING AGAINST GAY PEOPLE. Let me just stop all u pussies right the fuck there. I’m saying you can’t be a 5 star blood triple OG wearing your girls tights my man…think it over….


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