The current state of Video Games

Now I know I will definitely piss off motherfuckers today but this shit needs to be said. Why is it ok for game developers to pump out half ass games each year and charge full price?? Now I know sports games have been doing this since the dawn of gaming and it has always been ignored, this is a fucking mistake!! Whatever happened to…o I don’t know..TALENT!! Why is ok for me to spend $65.30 on Madden 2014 with 15% new material!!? Man fuck that with a baseball bat!!! I personally have never been a sports game fan and this bullshit is the major reason why. I absolutely REFUSE to roll over and let lazy motherfucking video game companies fuck me in my ass and take my money. FUCK THAT! Can any of you motherfuckers point out a difference between Madden 09 and Madden 2014? NOPE! Aside from cosmetic upgrades and a few new drafts…you bitches are just buying the same shit from the last several DECADES.
Not only sports games fuck people in the ass out of their money. Lazy piece of shit games like Call of duty and Assassins Creed are big culprits. But their crimes aren’t their own. Once again, man proves to be his own worse enemy. I say that because in sports games there isn’t really much you can do year after year and there are shitty contracts to abide by. This gets the likes of Madden of the hook. But when u look closer, the only reason why COD is popular is because of the ass stupid brain dead fanbase it has. If you fucking mouth breathers didn’t get wet panties every 11 months, these developers couldn’t get away with this shit! Now thanks to you stupid cock suckers, this trend amongst video game developers has started. Just sell the name!! I bet you pussies would buy condoms if had call of duty on it. Fucking pathetic sheep. Thanks for forever ruining gaming.


   It saddens me to see awesome fucking game trailers just to hear it’s never coming here. It’s all YOUR fault. Since as I said earlier all you have to do is sell the name, fuck actually giving time into the game. Now I know what you pussies are saying I’m only bashing COD cause I’m trash. Well my skills in COD are awful at best, it’s because I’m NOT I repeat NOT a sheep.If the only way to get good is every year drop $65.30 I rather STAY bad at the game thank you very much. Since the fact they come out so frequently and people have no souls, the momentum constantly shifts in COD lobbies. Why are some more populated than others I’ll never understand. Do you motherfuckers know what Over-saturation is God damnit!!!! I remember when making games took talent and I was hype every E3..Now I’m like lol guys ANOTHER generic FPS..SURPRISE!!…fucked up shit is this..if the game is genuinely fucking bad nobody here wants it cause you can’t shoot anything. Because of COD and it’s piece of SHIT fan base we in America are forever stuck. It’s either surrender to the thousands of mindless sheep and play the same shit every year, or this is my the OTHER games and be left out the loop.

I know this may sound farfetched, but this is why other genres are dying. Beat em ups, platformers, RPGS all going the way of the dinosaurs all cause there are no guns. Shame sad sad shame..

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