Rini adventures at Comic Con 2011 Part UNE

This pass Comic Con there was a lot interesting sites in addition to costumes. Sadly I lost most of my footage from the Con due to misplacement of my camera at a friends event and someone stole it, but I somehow had a few shoots still left. Just not the great ones I wanted to share with the masses.

Completely caught as walking by one of the vendor displays and noticed but little old Hasbro taken over the right side of the Con vendor floors.”It’s all Hasbro out!!!”  My assumption it might have to do with the new HUB station that came out into 2010 on all major cable; satellite and dish providers. Two things that caught my eye were the JEM and the Holograms displays and the Transformers display. Yes and this is one of my many shames, but I loved the show “Jem and the Holograms as a kid and still do till this day. Since THE HUB started running the old cartoons from my childhood at 6:00am – 8:00am Monday through Friday. It has been keeping this business lady sane before getting ready for my full time job in the REAL…REAL….REAL HARASS WORLD of Corporate America.

To my surprise they had all the dolls; cars even the accessories for Jem. Can you say, “There she is Hollywood…Hollywood JEM!!!!!!!!!!”  They seriously had someone dressed up as Jem and it was completely sad. She looked like Jem tried from a concert and where the hell are the Holograms or the Misfits? The Stingers….who know where they could up to. Only To my great disappointed your girl Rini was not able to purchase the car and a few dolls or even the new DVD set at the con. “WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THAT?!” To me that was like taking a kid to a candy store, knowing damn well they will get all hyped up for candy. Then turn around and says “Oh Billy, Mommy isn’t buying you any candy today.” Seriously, Hasbro you slipped up at the con. Had my money already for that car and crap then you pulled that stunt?

It was great exposure needed for people who were into the show as I am. They put Jem and the Holograms out on DVD before back in 2004 or 2005, but it was missing a huge chuck of episodes. This time around it has every episode that airs on The HUB now out on DVD. I still need to go out and purchase that to go along with the first DVDS I brought back in 2005. The joy….oh the rapture of it all!!

Right after that little old display I was walking distance away the G.I. Joe display.  No one was dressed up, but they have a lot of the old classic G.I. Joe toys sold in the 1980s. They are just like here…G.I. Joe take it love it and accpet it, “Cause we know you love yourself some G.I. MUTHA….Flipping JOE!!! After stood this giant display of Optimus Prime made completely of Kre-O building blocks. Don’t get me wrong the display was hot, but it compares nothing to the one made in Thailand at the Ripley’s believe it or not museum down in Time Square of Bubble Bee. Now that was an extremely sick likeness to the Bubble Bee we see in the movies. If that came to life I think I would completely wet my pants on the spot for REAL!!!

The only thing I wish i didn’t see after all this was the women who thought it was cute to cosplay as Jem. Now that crap was “Truly….Truly OUTRAGEOUS!!!” Your ass did not need to be out in public looking like Jem from Robot Chicken 20 or 30 years later.  She made me want to rip my eyes completely out of the socket, because she looked that bad to me.

Trust me the madness doesn’t stop there either…..Some people just don’t need to come out dressed like certain characters….PERIOD. Yet, they feel it’s okay for them to do so….SMH. My next topic will be on the poor individuals that come dressed up in costume AKA cosplay.

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