Impressions: Watch The Throne

Three weeks ago Jay-Z and Kanye West released their first ever album together while working side by side as a dynamic duo. The album itself gives many of us mixed feelings, myself included.

When I think of a Jay-z album what usually comes to mind are the sounds from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s along with new school hood feel to it.  He puts music out that not only relates to the hood, but music that will make you wanna bop and nod your head along with. He puts out stuff that still makes him look like that guy from Marcy Projects with hood creditability.

As with a Kanye album he puts out music that shows that he is open to many aspects of music. Let it be Jazz; Blues; Heavy Metal; Rock; Pop; Electronic. You name it Ye has put it on his album. The unique thing with this collaboration and both participants’ input is that they know what they would use in their own albums to combine to become Janye. The only disappointing part of this album is that I felt I was getting the left over’s of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that Ye felt couldn’t go on his album. Meaning “Watch the Throne” is nothing more than a Kanye album with a lot of Jay-z Appearances.

Now it felt like this was a Kanye album more than Jay-Z. If my memory serves me correctly Jay said that auto tune is dead in The Blue Print 3..right? So, why the hell is this album auto tuned or have beats that sound as if they are auto tuned? Please explain that to me?! There are songs that have Jay-Z touch to it with songs sampled by Cutis Mayfield; James Brown; Otis Redding and Nina Simone. There are songs that are hot then you have some that are just crappy and make you say why they bother putting this on the album?

This brings me to the end that this was a good album on their part coming together as one work . Just makes you feel that Jay-Z sat back letting Kanye take over as he rhymed to each track on the entire album. I heard more singing then rapping on some tracks. All I can say Kanye’s ego again got out of control and developed “Watch the Throne”.

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4 thoughts on “Impressions: Watch The Throne

  1. I kind of agree with your review.  Watch the Throne does have a Kanye feat. Jay-Z feel to it.  There are a few songs that are lyrically impressive but the beats that were used makes me scratch my head a bit.  I’m glad we finally found out why Jay-Z mentioned his unborn kid so much in the album. 
    I think there is only one way to work with Kanye and that is to let him be in control or at least let him think that he is.

    • QueenPen…Thanks for the input also I apologize for my late @$$ response. I do see where you are coming from with how Jay-Z handles Kanye on a number of matters. I will say when Jay-Z rhymes he is very cocky with how he comes off, but in reality he’s a very humble man that holds himself in a very private yet friendly matter I think it takes a lot for him to become upset. Seeing that Kanye idolizes Jay-Z so much as well sees him as a big brother vice versa with Jay seeing Ye as a little brother.

      Since everyone knows that Ye is narcissistic he just follows suit along with him. It seems it is the only way to when working with Kanye. I guess Jay knows when Kanye is at his cockiest you get better results out of the solution. In this case with WATCH THE THRONE it wasn’t a good way of handling the situation. I feel that this album was great lyrically, but musically regarding the beats it was lacking input from Jay. It clearly shows that Kanye took control of the project maybe using left over’s from his album last year.

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